Shop Small for Valentine's & Galentine's Day 2021

Just like last year, I have put together a Valentine's / Galentine's present edit, of fellow amazing small businesses products. I have tried to find gifts/cards from a variety of price points, so that you can find a gift within your budget. All the gifts/cards are lovingly made by such incredible small indie businesses, and I would suggest following them all on Instagram, even if you can't afford to buy from them. It is so important to support and shop small, as you are helping to support someone's dream.

So, I have found 16 different items, from 16 different small brand's, to help you find the perfect gift/card for your Valentine, Galentine or even yourself!

Also, if you would like to support me, I have a great selection of products that would be perfect for Valentine's/Galentine's, including my brand new FLUFF CARDS!

1 - Self Love Slogan T-shirt by Foxanne Designs £20.00 (Website)

2 - Kiss Me Scrunchie by Sew Fetch Scrunchies £3.00 (Website)

3 - Valentines Day Heart Fan Polymer Clay Stud Earrings by Crazy in Lobe £10.00 (Etsy)

4 - A6 Ovaries Before Brovaries Print by Jademuatdodd £1.00 (Etsy)

5 - Cupid's Arrow Beret by Venus Acidalia £40.00 (Website)

6 - Bunting String of Hearts Valentines Day Card by Emma Catrin £4.00 (Website)

7 - Red Mini-Heart Fluffy Earrings by Shop Trashy £7.50 (Website)

8 - Babes /Bêb Scarf by Alis.Knits £75.00 (Website)

9 - L'amour Candle by Pastel Palette £6.00 each (Website)

10 - Love Letters Valentines Earrings by Katrilee £13.00 (Website)

11 - Love Heart Earrings by The Stringer Edit £10.00 (Website)

12 - Satin Ruffle Lingerie Set by XFeminadesigns £42.00 (Website)

13 - Black Angel Satin Pyjamas by Isolated Heroes £70.00 (Website)

14 - Love Heart Spray Print by SisterShyShy £6.00 (Etsy)

15 - Love Letter Bag by SophieVansBags £45.00 (Website)

16 - Now & Forever Greetings Card by You're So Cool Prints £3.80 (Website)

And those are my picks for a unique Valentine's Day gift, from small indie businesses, that anyone would love to receive. I hope you have discovered lots of new brand's to buy from, and if you have any others to recommend, then leave them in the comments below.

Don't forget to also look at my shop, as I have lots of items that would be perfect for Valentine's / Galentine's, including brand new FLUFF CARDS.

Share the love this Valentine's Day, and support independent businesses!

Shannon Furniss

@sf_fashiondesign on Instagram

@SFfashiondesign on Twitter

@SandFFashionDesigns on Facebook

[All product images belong to each Small business]

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