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Hi, I'm Shannon, founder of S&F Designs.

I created S&F Designs for people who love everything fluffy, like me!


S&F Designs is a womenswear & faux fur brand, based in Leicester, UK. The brand is owned by British based designer, Shannon Furniss. 

Shannon has both a BA Degree in Fashion Studies from University of Lincoln (2016), and a MA Degree in Fashion & Textiles from De Montfort University (2018).  

During her MA Degree, Shannon found a love for the fabric of faux fur, and wanted to design pieces using it, thus the idea for a quirky faux fur brand was born. 

Shannon designs and hand-makes each piece herself, so every product is made-to-order for the customer.

She hopes that every customer loves their S&F Designs original, and feels confident & sassy wearing it.

All the fur is 100% faux fur, and is of the highest quality. 

Shannon also tries to use all of the faux fur fabric, to eliminate as much fabric waste as possible, to benefit the planet. Any scraps of faux fur are used to make the smaller products she sells. 

Shannon Furniss - S&F Designs






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