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How to style: THE JEMMA

In this How to Style post, I am sharing possible outfit ideas for styling our THE JEMMA t-shirt. This guide, and our previous one on THE SHANTÉ bag, are just suggestions of what our products would look great with, and is a way to show how versatile our products are. We do realise how fashion is about self-expression, but some people like having guidance on how to put together an outfit.

Our How to Style guides will hopefully show you how our products can fit within your wardrobes, but also introduce you to other independent brands, as we will be trying to use at least one independent brand within each outfit idea. Here at S&F Designs, we believe in supporting other small/indie brands, by promoting them as much as possible.

Today's guide is for THE JEMMA t-shirt, in this particular colour-way of Black/White Stripe with Baby Pink Faux Fur Heart Pocket. We have created five different outfit suggestions, that will work well with THE JEMMA t-shirt. If/When you buy a THE JEMMA t-shirt, you can customise it with your own colour combinations, so just tailor these guides to your personalise tastes.

As a final note before the outfit guides, nothing linked below is sponsored or an AD. I have just linked them to help you find the items easily. I don't gain anything from you clicking the links. All images belong to the respective brands.

Outfit One is a fun sporty/casual daytime look of our THE JEMMA t-shirt, with cute pink shorts, mesh socks, chunky trainers, 90s style hair scrunchie, and another one of our products, THE TESSA tote bag. The indie brands in this outfit are Aesthetic Laundry (the shorts), Victoria Louise Fashion (the scrunchie), and S&F Designs [aka us!] (the tote bag).

Outfit Two is a smart/casual look, that could take you from day-to-night. It consists of our THE JEMMA t-shirt, with mom jeans, black ankle boots, faux leather blazer, black bag and fluffy earrings. The indie brand in this outfit is Dirty Fries (the earrings).

Outfit Three is a bold, layered & pattern-clashing look, for someone who loves to stand-out, whilst still be comfy. It consists of our THE JEMMA t-shirt, with fishnet top underneath, quirky dungarees, fun socks, classic white trainers, lipstick earrings and cosy beanie hat. The indie brands in this outfit are Shop Trashy (the socks), Sour Cherry (the earrings), Jungle Club (the beanie) and Lucy & Yak (the dungarees).

Outfit Four is an alternative daytime look of a tulle skirt, denim jacket, our THE IMMY hair slide, patterned Dr Martens, sassy tote bag, and of course, our THE JEMMA t-shirt. The indie brands in this outfit are Isolated Heroes (tulle skirt), J-MOJO (the jacket), Rock on Ruby (the tote bag) and S&F Designs [aka us!] (the hair slide).

Outfit Five is a more formal look of a fab pink suit, large clutch bag, black heels, personalised necklace, quirky earrings and of course, our THE JEMMA t-shirt. The indie brands in this outfit are MadebyChristianna (the necklace), and Doris Designs (the earrings).

I hope this guide gave you inspiration of how to style our THE JEMMA t-shirt.

Which product should we do a 'How to style' blog post about next?

Shannon Furniss

@sf_fashiondesign on Instagram

@SFfashiondesign on Twitter

@SandFFashionDesigns on Facebook

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