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Twelve Amazing LGBTQIA+ Owned Small Businesses

As Pride Month is coming to an end, I thought I would share some amazing small businesses with you, that are owned by LGBTQIA+ people. Supporting, listening and learning from LGBT+ people should happen all year round, not just during Pride Month, and so should buying from their lovely small businesses!

I have chosen 12 LGBT+ small businesses to promote, but I could've picked so many more. If you know of some other incredible LGBTQIA+ small businesses that should be shown some love, then leave them in the comments of this blog post, or on my Instagram post (@sf_fashiondesign) for this blog post.

Now let's check out these amazing small businesses!

Rainbow & Co

Rainbow & Co is an apparel and accessories shop, based in Manchester, UK. Their designs are quirky, fun and relatable to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. They also support the LGBTQ+ community by donating 10% of their monthly profits to local LGBTQ+ charities, as well as to smaller fundraisers (like trans surgery funds).


Straycraft is a Queer owned small business, that sells handmade leather-craft items, in the UK. The items are high-quality, and are made in limited amounts. The brand also does commissions, for those who would like a unique leather-craft item. I just love their leather cuffs for Pride, as I haven't seen anything like them before. Go give this very small business some love!

The Pin Prick

The Pin Prick is based in London, and sells subtle LGBT enamel pins. I love how subtle these pin designs are, as they can help LGBT+ people in non-LGBT friendly countries, to show their pride. Also, not every person in the LGBT+ community likes to be bold & loud with pride, some have a more minimalist style which this shop caters for well.

Rainbow Certified

Rainbow Certified is an apparel and accessories small business, run by a couple. They wanted to create a fun and inclusive LGBTQIA+ brand, for all ages. They sell everything from dog accessories to Pride t-shirts, pins to phone cases. It's such an amazing and inclusive brand, for the whole family!

Chains N Charms

Chains N Charms is a gothic/alternative inspired shop, that sells jewellery and chronic illness gifts. The owner is a part of the LGBT+ community and has a chronic illness, which is why they sell items based around chronic illness. I love that about the brand, as turning a negative into a positive is such a wonderful thing.

Kelzo Jewellery

Kelzo Jewellery is a wonderful brand, run by a LGBTQIA+ couple from Wales. They also run a blog, which documents their journey as transgender family, called Our Transitional Life. The couple created the brand during lockdown 2020, as they couldn't find jewellery they liked online. So, they created their own. They also donate 10% of their PRIDE COLLECTION profits to LGBTQ+ charities, which is amazing!

Emily C Designs

Emily C Designs is a queer-owned brand, from the UK. The brand was Emily's lockdown project, which has made her life so much better, during these crazy times. She creates beautiful polymer clay accessories, from earrings to hair clips, keyring's to necklaces.


Peachy is a clothing brand, that is queer-owned by a lovely lady called Laura. Her clothing designs are unisex, ethical and sustainable. Everything is hand-embroidered too! I just love how colourful and funky her designs are. Go check them out!

Sent with Pride

Sent with Pride isn't owned by a member of the LGBT+ community, but is owned by a wonderfully proud mother of a gay son and son-in-law, so I thought I would still include it on this list. The brand was created because she couldn't find greetings cards that she was proud to send to her son & son-in-law. Sent with Pride sells wonderful cards for the whole LGBTQIA+ community, so check them out for products that celebrate every colour of the rainbow.

The Peoples Paintbrush

The Peoples Paintbrush is a brand that sells colourful and bold prints. I just love how funny and quirky their prints are. So, if you are looking for some new prints, for your home, then check this amazing brand out! Or at the very least, follow them on Instagram for some colourful posts on your timeline.


Hystorical is a brand that sells lovely prints and cards, based on all things mythology. It is owned by a queer Bristol artist. I love the gorgeous colour palette of her designs, and the mythological theme. If that interests you, then check out their Etsy shop and Instagram page.

Ali Jade Creations

Ali Jade Creations is a trans owned small business, where all the money from sales goes to their FTN Transition. All their products are handmade with lots of love, and they are hoping to make this brand their full-time job. They sell a variety of products, from face masks to keyring's. Go give your support to them on their Instagram page!

And that is 12 amazing LGBTQIA+ small businesses for you to check out and support. Supporting these small businesses should be all year round, not just during Pride Month, but I do hope that they had a wonderful Pride Month too!

If you have any other LGBT+ owned small businesses to recommend, then leave them in the comments below, or on my Instagram.

Shannon Furniss

@sf_fashiondesign on Instagram

@SFfashiondesign on Twitter

@SandFFashionDesigns on Facebook

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