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Studio Sounds : Harry Styles - Fine Line

Harry Styles - 'Fine Line' Album Cover

This week's post is another Studio Sounds, which is a series dedicated to showcasing what music I am currently listening to in the studio. Recently, I have been playing (non-stop) Harry Styles album, Fine Line. I have been listening to this in and out of the office, because I love it (and Harry!) so much. In the studio, I have been playing the vinyl version, whilst everywhere else has been on Spotify.

This album is, in my opinion, Harry's best album yet. I still love One Direction albums (mainly the later few), and Harry's debut album, but this one feels like it has more of a narrative and more quintessentially Harry Styles. In Harry's own words, this album is about 'sadness and sex', and that is very clear in most of the songs.

Do I skip any songs? Not really. I tend to listen to the whole of the album, the whole way through, when I'm in the office, as you can't skip songs on Vinyl. But when I am in the car, I may skip a song depending on the mood I am in. However, I do love the whole album. If I had to choose my top five songs from the record, they would be;

- Adore You

- Lights Up

- Falling

- She

- Fine Line.

It was really hard just to pick five songs, but I managed it. But like I said before, I honestly could listen to the whole album, on repeat. It's such an incredible album, and if you haven't heard it yet, go listen now!

Right now, it's the album I can't stop listening to everywhere I am. Whether I am in the studio, or driving in my car, this amazing album is playing. Thank you Harry Styles for this perfect album, that I can't stop listening to.

What artist are you currently listening to?

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