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Studio Sounds : Lizzo - Cuz I love you (Deluxe Album)

Lizzo - 'Cuz I Love You' Album Cover

In the S&F Designs studio/office, I listen to a lot of music whilst working because I work alone. I either listen to vinyls on my record player or music on my laptop via Spotify. My music taste is quite varied, and I tend to listen to new and old music, so I thought I would do a series of blog posts called 'Studio Sounds'. It's where I will be sharing the artist/playlist/song/album I have been loving the most this week, that has kept me motivated to work/design.

This past week, maybe even month or two, has been Lizzo's album, Cuz I love you.

I am absolutely obsessed with Lizzo at the moment, and this album is fire! The powerful messages of the songs, mixed with the killer beats, keeps me motivated to work all day long. I love Lizzo so much, that I used her song ''Like a girl" for my collection, on the catwalk at Leicester Fashion Week May 2019. It is such a feminist girl-power hit, that I had to use it for my #GIRLGANG collection.

I pretty much listen to the whole of the album, the whole way through without skipping songs. But if I had to choose my five faves from the record, they would be;

- Like A Girl

- Truth Hurts

- Tempo

- Better in Colour

- Cuz I love you.

But like I said, I could listen to the whole record on repeat. I use Spotify to stream this album, but I am considering buying it on Vinyl or CD (yes, I still buy those!), so that I have a physical copy too.

It's that good of an album!

Currently, it's the album of the studio. I can't help but sing-a-long and dance to it, whilst designing/sewing. Thank you Lizzo, for creating a powerful feminist album, that keeps this girl boss motivated through her work day!

Who is your favourite artist to listen to, whilst working?

Shannon Furniss

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