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Studio Sounds : My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Vinyl)

My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Vinyl Cover)

It's been a few weeks since the last Studio Sounds post, so I thought you would all like an update on what I have been listening to, whilst I am working. Recently, I have been rediscovering my emo/pop punk youth, on Vinyl, because I received My Chemical Romance's album, The Black Parade, for Christmas. From my youth, I have this album on CD, but I love the fact that I now have it on Vinyl for the office, courtesy of my Mother. I have been playing it recently, in the office, because I managed to buy tickets for My Chemical Romance's UK comeback gig!

The Black Parade is one of those album's, for me, that would be a part of the soundtrack to my life. It was one of the album's from my early teenage years, that helped me to realise who I was. I loved other similar bands at the time, but something about My Chemical Romance spoke to me. I loved the music, the band's style, and how theatrical they were.

Do I skip any songs? No, not really. Because I am listening to it on Vinyl, you can't skip songs, but when I occasionally listen to the album on Spotify, I might skip an odd one or two. However, I do adore this whole album. But if I had to choose my top 5 songs from the record, they would be;

- Welcome To The Black Parade

- Famous Last Words

- I Don't Love You

- Mama

- Dead!

It was very hard to only pick 5 songs, which is a sign of a great album! If you have never listened to this album, and enjoy emo/pop punk/rock & roll music, you need to change that asap!

I love that this is the album being played in the office, at the moment. As much as I love listening to new music, nothing beats a nostalgia trip!

I honestly can't wait to hear these songs live, in a few months time.

Welcome back, My Chemical Romance!

What artist are you currently listening to?

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