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In this How to Style post, I am sharing possible outfit ideas for styling our THE TESSA tote bag, just like our other guides for THE JEMMA & THE SHANTÉ. This guide is full of suggestions for customers, to help them understand what could look great with our products. It is also a great way to show how versatile our products can be. We do realise how fashion is about self-expression, but some people like having guidance on how to put together an outfit.

Our How to Style guides will hopefully show you how our products can fit within your wardrobes, but also introduce you to other independent brands, as we will be trying to use at least one independent brand within each outfit idea. Here at S&F Designs, we believe in supporting other small/indie brands, by promoting them as much as possible.

Today's guide is for THE TESSA tote bag, in this particular colour-way of Baby Pink Faux Fur, with GIRL GANG phrase. We have created five different outfit suggestions, that will work well with THE TESSA tote bag. If/When you buy a THE TESSA tote bag, you can customise it with your own colour combinations of faux fur & leather, as well as phrase, so just tailor these guides to your personalised tastes.

As a final note before the outfit guides, nothing linked below is sponsored or an AD. I have just linked them to help you find the items easily. I don't gain anything from you clicking the links. All images belong to the respective brands.

1 - Never Shag A Tory Necklace by Xmadebylisa £4.50

2 - Ace Pink Sunglasses by Skinnydip London £9.40

3 - Leah Rainbow Gingham Mini Dress by ByMeganCrosby £120.00

4 - LOR Chunky Sandals by Koi Footwear £30.00

Outfit One is a colourful & quirky summer vibe, using our THE TESSA tote bag. It has been styled with a gorgeous rainbow gingham dress, chunky white sandals, pink sunglasses and quirky necklace. The indie businesses in this outfit suggestion are Xmadebylisa (the necklace), and ByMeganCrosby (the dress).

1 - Red & Pink Hearts Earrings by HAIRYYETTI X GRLMADE £15.00

2 - RAID Kola White Ankle Boots by ASOS £29.99

3 - Love of my own life T-shirt by Florence Given £30.00

4 - Skirt in Patchwork Denim by Just Harry Designs £105.00

Outfit two is a perfect daytime-to-casual-evening-drinks look, styled around our THE TESSA tote bag. Our tote bag has been styled with a sassy slogan t-shirt, funky patchwork denim skirt, white ankle boots and bold earrings. The indie businesses in this outfit suggestion are HAIRYYETTI X GRLMADE (the earrings), Florence Given (the t-shirt), and Just Harry Designs (the skirt).

1 - Legally Blonde Inspired Denim Jacket by Back Chat Co £60.00

2 - Mini Gender Symbol Hooks in Pastel Pink by HanMakes £5.00

3 - Dr Martens 1460 Boots in Pink by ASOS x Dr Martens £111.20 (sale)

4 - Ophelia Dress in Pink Gingham by Katie Jacques Fashion £50.00

Outfit three is a fun pink vibe, full of personality! For this outfit, THE TESSA tote bag has been styled with a stunning pink gingham dress, fun-worded denim jacket, cute earrings, and chunky Dr Martens. The indie businesses in this outfit suggestion are Back Chat Co (the jacket), HanMakes (the earrings), and Katie Jacques Fashion (the dress).

1 - Mermaid Rainbow Scrunchie by SRose Designs £2.50

2 - Pink Rose Socks by Cutie Pop Accessories £11.99

3 - Mint Daisy Tee by Babydol Clothing £30.00

4 - Mint Daisy Shorts by Babydol Clothing £25.00

5 - Dime Lace up Trainers in Pastel Mix by ASOS £22.00

Outfit four is a pastel sporty/casual look, using our THE TESSA tote bag. The tote bag has been styled with a casual mint co-ord, cute socks, pastel trainers, and colourful scrunchie. The indie businesses in this outfit suggestion are SRose Designs (the scrunchie), Cutie Pop Accessories (the socks), and Babydol Clothing (the t-shirt & the shorts).

1 - Arizona Black Flat Sandals by Birkenstock x ASOS £60.00

2 - Pastel Pink Heart Studs by Ivy & Ginger £6.00

3 - Grounded Graphic Print Oversized Shirt by Elsie & Fred £45.00

4 - Black Leather-look Cycling Shorts by New Look £9.99

5 - White & Pink Zebra Scrunchie by Foxanne Designs £5.00

Outfit five is a bold relaxed look, for a warm summers day. Our THE TESSA tote bag has been styled with an oversized patterned shirt, black leather-look shorts, Birkenstock's, cute hair scrunchie, and heart-shaped stud earrings. The indie businesses in this outfit suggestion are Ivy & Ginger (the earrings), Elsie & Fred (the shirt), and Foxanne Designs (the scrunchie).

I hope this guide gave you inspiration of how to style our THE TESSA tote bag.

Which product should we do a 'How to style' blog post about next?

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